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Pure Peruvian Cocoa Beans 

for Chocolate Makers

In the world of cacao, Meybol stands apart. Our expertise is rooted in the essence of Peru, as we exclusively work with 100% Peruvian cacao. This isn't just a choice; it's a testament to our unwavering dedication and unique experience.

Our commitment extends beyond the flavor profile – we are champions of sustainable practices, ensuring that each bean not only carries the richness of Peru but also reflects our responsibility to the environment and the farmers. Meybol Cacao is your direct gateway to the diverse cacaos of Peru, meticulously selected with the quality that defines us.

Unlike mere resellers, we provide a direct line from the source to your creation. With Meybol Cacao, you're not just buying cacao; you're forging a direct partnership with a commitment to authenticity and excellence.

Cocoa beans for Bean-to-Bar chocolate makers

"The minimum order quantity is one pallet of 500 kilograms."


Cacao Chuncho from Cusco - Peru


Chuncho Cocoa stands out as one of the rarest, most original, and finest cocoa bean varieties in the world. It captivates with a fascinating aroma and flavor profile, boasting low acidity and a gentle mildness. Cultivated by the Matsiguengas Indians in the remote valleys of Rio Apurimac and Villa Virgen in the Cusco region of Peru, Chuncho Cocoa holds a distinct heritage and authenticity.

Cacao Blanco from Morropon - Peru

The white cocoa represents the purest form of native cocoa from Piura and stands as one of the world's most coveted yet rarest cocoa varieties. The beans inside the fruit are also pristine white, characteristic of a true Blanco variety. It harmonizes a sophisticated flavor profile with a perfect balance of acidity and fruitiness, accompanied by low astringency and bitterness. This cocoa indulges your senses with notes of nuts, caramel, subtle spices, and a buttery texture.


Native Cacao from VRAEM - Peru 

Exquisite Native Cocoa bean, The Versatile Fruity.VRAEM Cocoa exhibits remarkable versatility in flavor, and the reason is quite intriguing. Its taste is not solely determined by its variety and plant genetics, but also influenced by factors such as the cultivation region, soil quality, and climatic conditions.

Elevating the Cocoa Experience 

with trazability

At Meybol Cacao, we understand the pivotal role that traceability plays in guaranteeing the quality of our cocoa, especially in adherence to recent European Union regulations. We meticulously follow the journey of each cocoa bean from diverse regions in Peru to its final destination, ensuring authenticity and transparency. This commitment is not merely an obligation; it embodies our dedication to excellence and sustainability in every batch we offer. With Meybol Cacao, you opt for quality supported by traceability that surpasses the highest standards.

Our dedication to excellence commences with the detailed cultivation of cocoa in unique geographic microclimates known as terroirs. These distinct climatic conditions, coupled with our controlled harvesting and fermentation protocols, and a precisely managed supply chain, give rise to flavor profiles that are genuinely distinctive and unique.

Our selection caters to both small-scale Bean-to-Bar artisans and large-scale chocolate factories. For connoisseurs crafting small batches, such as Bean to Bar enthusiasts, our lineup includes three varieties of native cocoa: Chuncho from Cusco, Blanco from Morropon, and Native cocoa beans from VRAEM, available in quantities starting from 300 kg.

For those in need of cocoa in larger volumes, our containerized cocoa offerings span various regions of Peru, each with its own traceability. This commitment to quality sets Meybol Cacao apart, delivering a superior cocoa experience that stands out in the industry.

Immerse yourself in the flavor world of our cocoa and discover how it can enrich your own recipes. Our exclusive samples, each weighing only until  2 kg, are available at 18,50 EUR/kg, plus shipping costs. Feel free to contact us at [email protected] to place your sample order . 

Cocoa Wholesale: Elevating Quality with Traceability


Huanuco, located in the central highlands of Peru, stands as a distinguished producer of cocoa, boasting a unique flavor profile. The region's diverse geography and climate contribute to a symphony of flavors, from floral and fruity to earthy and nutty notes. Home to prized cultivars like Criollo and Trinitario, Huanuco offers a wide array of flavors.

Driven by a commitment to sustainability, Huanuco's farmers employ organic and ethical farming practices, preserving biodiversity and supporting local communities. The region places a strong emphasis on traceability and quality assurance, ensuring every cocoa bean meets the highest standards.

Beyond its culinary appeal, Huanuco cocoa holds deep cultural significance, reflecting the dedication and artistry of generations of farmers. In every bean, Huanuco encapsulates not just a distinct flavor but a rich cultural heritage, making it a truly exceptional part of Peru's cocoa landscape.
Minimum order: 500kg to 1 ton, price based on current stock exchange value.


The region of San Martín in northern Peru not only produces exceptional cocoa but also adds significant added value to the experience. Its cocoa, with unique flavor profiles ranging from fruity to spicy, is cultivated in exceptional geographical and climatic conditions. Varieties such as Nacional and CCN-51 offer a diversity of flavors, highlighting the distinctive character of the region.

Moreover, San Martín's farmers are committed to sustainable practices, embracing organic and fair trade methods. Rigorous traceability ensures the authenticity and quality of each cocoa batch, instilling confidence in consumers.

The added value extends beyond flavor; it contributes to local sustainable development. The regional economy is strengthened by cocoa, positioning San Martín as a prominent source of quality cocoa. Immerse yourself in the sensory richness and added value that San Martín's cocoa offers, a true gem in the world of Peruvian cocoa.
Minimum order: 500kg to 1 ton, price based on current stock exchange value.


Piura, located in northern Peru, is a distinguished producer of exceptional cocoa, celebrated for its unique flavor profile. The region's diverse geographical features and optimal climate yield cocoa with a harmonious blend of fruity, floral, and nutty notes, creating a palate-pleasing complexity.Home to various cocoa cultivars, including the revered Nacional variety, Piura showcases a rich and diverse taste. The region prioritizes sustainable farming practices, employing organic methods and ethical cultivation, ensuring the preservation of the environment and the well-being of local communities.Piura's commitment to excellence extends to traceability and quality assurance. Rigorous tracking guarantees the authenticity of each cocoa bean, maintaining the highest quality standards. Beyond its gastronomic appeal, Piura cocoa carries cultural significance, narrating the agricultural heritage of generations of farmers.

Minimum order: 500kg to 1 ton, price based on current stock exchange value.


Tingo Maria, located in the scenic landscapes of Peru, produces distinctive cocoa celebrated for its elegant flavor profile. The region's unique geography yields cocoa with delicate notes of floral, fruity, and earthy undertones, capturing the essence of Tingo Maria.

Home to diverse cocoa cultivars, Tingo Maria cultivates varietals like Criollo and Trinitario, contributing to the richness and complexity of its cocoa. The region embraces sustainable practices, utilizing organic and ethical farming methods to preserve the environment and support local communities.

Tingo Maria emphasizes traceability and purity, ensuring that every cocoa bean maintains authenticity and adheres to the highest quality standards. Beyond its culinary appeal, Tingo Maria cocoa carries cultural richness, embodying the traditions and expertise of local farmers.

Minimum order: 500kg to 1 ton, price based on current stock exchange value.

"Meybol Cacao presents irresistible Peruvian cocoa! Sourced from the diverse regions of Piura, Huanuco, San Martin, VRAEM & Tingo Maria, our cocoa is not just a product; it's a commitment to excellence. With traceability at its core, our cocoa, free from chemicals, is offered at an irresistible price for your business.

Elevate your products with the finest Peruvian cocoa – Meybol Cacao, where quality meets passion!"